It was back in 1945 that the family company Depuydt Meat Products laid the foundation for the current Fermette Food Group. Three generations later, the traditional butcher had grown into an important player with a wide range of sliced cold meats, salads, prepared meals, deep-frozen products and cheese. In recent decades, various acquisitions and partnerships contributed to the growth of the company. Since 1 January 2020, Fermette and the Walloon Père Lejeune have pooled their strengths in Fermette Food Group.

"The arguments that proved decisive for choosing Protime back then have since been validated."

The start of 2020 posed a new challenge for the Ostend-based food distributor Fermette. The merger with a sector colleague in Walloon has resulted in the creation of the new Fermette Food Group. The solutions from Protime ensured that the transition ran smoothly.
The coronavirus has completely overturned the traditional way of working. ‘The majority of our workers suddenly had to work from home’, says An Vandecaveije. ‘This will remain partly so in the future. The introduction of myProtime did not arrive a day too soon, for this allows home working to be easily requested and monitored. Moreover, thanks to Protime we can smoothly allocate new schedules to our workers, and thus ensure minimal overlap between the various shifts - something of considerable importance in corona times.
Charlotte Souvagie & An Vandecaveije