4 reasons why it is best to link visitor management with access control

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1. Efficiency

First of all, a smooth reception makes life easier for both the host, the reception staff and your visitors. After approving the specific guidelines, a personal QR code is printed that grants access. Thanks to QR code readers you grant access, but not to uninvited guests. 

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2. Security above all

Create a secure workplace by automatically assigning visitors to access groups with specific access rights. You decide who can enter and at which locations in the building. And that by means of different access levels. The QR code to gain access is only valid for the rooms that are preset. As soon as the duration of the scheduled visit has expired, the guest is no longer given access to the workplace.

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3. Integrate visitors into the evacuation plan

Be fully prepared for evacuations: By registering, you have one evacuation list that includes your visitors. This way, you always maintain an overview.

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4. Cost-saving

Save costs by using one system and supplier for both visitor management and access control in all your buildings, locations or branches.

myProtime Visitors

Our goal? To optimise and simplify the management of visitors within your organisation and to make everything simple, automated and efficient.

To guarantee smooth and automated visitor registration linked to your own HR system, Protime partnered with Gatehouse®.  

Efficient registration

myProtime Visitors is a safe solution for digitally registering company visitors and suppliers.

Visitors can register via a tablet or the Protime Visitors kiosk, making it completely privacy proof.

Employees can pre-register visitors to make registration run even smoother. Depending on the reason of the visit, guests can be shown different safety guidelines. Because everything is tracked digitally, you have a real-time and historical overview of all visits. Protime is partnering with Gatehouse ® to create this module.

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Fully digital solution

With myProtime Visitors say goodbye to the traditional paper registration, this fully digital solution allows your visitors to quickly register online. They receive all the necessary information for their visit to your premises, as well as the security instructions they need to know and respect. All this in compliance with the GDPR and privacy. Not to mention that this solution can be deployed in several entry points, within several company entities located in different countries.

All visits are logged, so you can get reports on which visitor met which employee.

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A digital floorplan

After registration, visitors can be included in emergency lists and they can be displayed on the myProtime floorplan.

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