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Workforce management

Your workplace culture is evolving every day. Managers must be able to facilitate homeworking whilst tracking employees’ time, attendance and performance. Only if your Workforce Management (WFM) keeps pace with your business strategy can you switch flexibly to achieve your organizational goals, in the short and long term. The end goal? Lower labour costs, optimal performance and happy employees.

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Why is Protime different?

Because of our ambition: To make time valuable! 

That's why our teams of HR experts work to continuously improve our tools every day. We use our tools ourselves to ensure that we keep innovating. 

Together with our customers we look at the best ways possible to tackle the fast changing HR landscape. 

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For whom?

For your employees, workers and teams to facilitate their commitments, work-life balance, well-being and communication.

For executives, managers, team leaders and the HR department who want to get the most out of the available time within their organization. 

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A higher level of personnel management

It is no longer a secret: managing your staff efficiently remains essential for competitiveness and performance. But to do this, you have to face the daily challenge of assigning the right tasks to the right employee at the right time.

You need solutions and tools that are flexible, intuitive, easy to use and efficient. The goal? Increasing employee engagement, productivity and automating administration.

Who are our customers?

What would a company be without its customers? Not much. That's why we attach so much importance to customer relations. It is one of the main values of our teams.
Meet our customers here!

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3 Things about Protime: efficient, user-friendly and pleasant support.
Marjon Alders
HR Manager

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