Protime Across Europe

Isn't reporting over the different countries time consuming? If there would be just a universal unit to make meaningful comparisons. In fact there is one universal unit. And that is time. Imagine how your payroll process could be facilitated in all the countries you have people working. Imagine how you could compare labour hours in each plant. Customers who are familiar with our software solutions, like to enjoy its benefits in every European country. This is possible because the software is easy to use and customizable to every specific national legislation. So even if your subsidiaries have a large operational autonomy, it is worthwhile to consider the implementation of Protime Software. The main use of our applications are time & attendance and workforce management. Our solutions are all available in SaaS (Software-as-a-service).

Our Vision

Time has become increasingly important in our society. Because of this, organisations have to adapt to the increasing speed of several external changes. Technology makes it possible to organize things in different ways. People and organisations will need the means to organise time in the most efficient, effective and flexible ways. In a service-driven economy, this means that organisations will be looking for different ways to optimize the available time of their human capital.

Our mission

Protime provides solutions to help optimize the available time.

  • So that our customers can manage the time of their human capital.
  • So that our employees can spend their time in an exciting and challenging environment with respect for their private lives.
  • So that our shareholders receive a return for their time and invest in a sustainable growth.
  • So that our children will get the time and attention to develop themselves for a bright future Make time valuable with Protime.

Our Values

Protime also believes in a number of core values that we wish to embody. These are Customer Focus, Cameraderie, Collaboration et Growth: also known as the C³-values.. Each of these are values which were carefully selected by the Protimers themselves. Therefore they aren´t just empty concepts. Each of the core values are assessed in coaching sessions and performance reviews which customers can measure our performance against.

Our Partners

You can find an overview of our partners here