Company culture as a strategic goal

Creating a best place to work environment is not just a far-fetched future desire for Protime. It’s something we achieve according to our employees every day. It is so important and really defines why people work for us. Therefore it has become an integral part of our strategy, a permanent project in which every Protime employee has a role to play.  

Our goal? To be the best employer for every Protimer!

We are convinced that being a "best workplace" sets us apart from other employers and competitors. Protime creates an environment where colleagues care able to thrive on a personal and professional level. And it’s this win-win that keeps us investing in it, because it truly benefits our own people and makes a huge impact on our clients in the end.  

Protime Peter 's Jongers
"You can buy software for workforce management anywhere. But nowhere will you get the commitment and involvement of our Protimers."
Peter s'Jongers
Founder of Protime

What does this mean in everyday life?

Being a best place to work means that the well-being of all Protimers is a priority for our company.

It’s more than just putting a pool table in our office (which we do have 😉). We believe that every contact, communication, interaction has an impact on someone’s employee experience. We really look at the whole package. We  can give you an idea on what are the key elements that make us a great place to work. But, to discover them all means, you will have to start working for us 😉. 

Protime GPTW 25 years
Protime GPTW 25 years
Protime cultuur
Protime cultuur