Our access solutions have been deployed in a myriad of different situations. The combination with hardware is virtually limitless.



Employee experience is gaining in importance. myProtime is 100% committed to this with an exceptional focus on user-friendliness. Eventually, myProtime will take over all Protime Premium functions as a platform. myProtime is currently available as an Empl

Protime Premium

ProAccess is part of the Protime Premium solution. The module is responsible for access control for one or more of a company’s sites. With this module, the HR officer or Facility Manager manages every door, lock, gate or turnstile where control is desirable. Comprehensive reporting is provided. The solutions of Protime are also available as SaaS solution.

Access Control hardware

Hardware: Access

Security is key when it comes to Access Control, but when you get convenience and flexibility on top of that it can become a strong advantage. Our Access solutions are built to last and can be integrated within any environment. We highlighted several key components but be aware that every one of those comes in many different flavors.

- Central management of access
- No chance of improper duplication of keys
- Fewer surveillance personnel members needed