A laptop for a lifetime


Protime donates laptops to vulnerable students to close the gap.


Working apart together…

Protime working apart together

Although we live in a very digital world, the removal of social contacts turns out to be very difficult for us. How your relationship with your employees can survive this situation


Going digital together during Corona crisis

During this corona crisis, continuity is our top priority, both for our services as well as for your Protime solutions. That is why we took the necessary measures so that we may remain available to you.


Proud to be Great Place To Work Belgium again in 2020!

Protime GPTW Belgium 2020

For the 8th year in a row we can call ourselves a Great Place To Work. This isn't just a label, it's our lifestyle and even a strategic goal. Even in this time of crisis, culture remains our top priority...


SD Worx and Pointlogic HR join forces

SD Worx and Pointlogic HR join forces

HR service provider SD Worx has acquired Pointlogic HR, a major supplier of innovative software for reward and management solutions and associated consulting services in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Data & Network Security at Protime

Protime cloud security

What if the biggest software giants themselves fear concrete attacks from hackers?


Time as your company's heart rate monitor

Protime blog - Time as heartrate monitor

Data is not an end, but a means to an end. It offers you something to hold on to during changes or growth. How do you make sure your employees don't go too fast? Or when can they just go a little faster?


25 years of innovation and growth

Protime 25 years celebration

We're January 1995. Windows applications are conquering the business world at lightning speed and the well-known mechanical time clock would quickly lose ground, in our opinion. Automation, that would be the future!


‘Our standard integration makes expensive customisation unnecessary’

Protime Geodynamics partnership location and time registration

Protime and GeoDynamics both specialise in time registration, but each with their own focus. The link between their solutions provides companies with an all-embracing platform for the follow-up of both internal and mobile employees.

External Blog

Protime 1 of 10 Belgian Best Workplaces 2019 in Europe!

It needn't be said that we are extremely proud of our company to be counted amongst the European's Best Workplaces for the 4th time in a row!