Protime and The Staff Solutions join forces

Protime presents its brand new visitor registration module myProtime Visitors. With this new module, we are preparing organisations for a safe return to the workplace.


3rd contribution to the digital future of children by donating computers

At Protime we engage in the future of our society. That is why we are reaching out a digital hand to the charity Close the Gap, an organization that is committed to the digital progress of developing countries.


Being a Great Workplace in times of social distance

This year has not been easy for the health of company cultures. Physical distance made it a challenge to keep employees engaged and involved in your company. But making company culture a strategic goal remains a top priority, and that pays off...


Provider of happiness, the super power of teleworking?

Teleworking as a provider of happiness

Teleworking is a trending topic at the moment. As a preferred solution for many companies following the Covid-19 global pandemic,


Fermette Food Group chooses for myProtime and Orditool

The logistics sector is quite complex in terms of hour processing. Protime offers a customized solution for your drivers thanks to the link with Orditool and myProtime supports flexible working in corona times.


Hygiene measures also for your terminals

During this period of hygiene measures it is advisable to also clean your terminals.


Corona measures Protime offices

Corona has changed our way of working the past few months. Nevertheless, we keep motivated to ensure all our customers and contacts the best service we are used to. An overview of the measures per region.


The importance of the Cloud in these times of confinement

Protime-The importance of the Cloud

As far as the Cloud is concerned in Belgium, three figures summarise the situation perfectly: in just 2 years, the percentage of large companies present in the Cloud has risen from 44% to 72%.


Diary of a (former) confined employee: a new vision of working from home

Protime-working from home

At the end of March when confinement was just beginning, I shared my first impressions on working from home.


Workforce management, your secret weapon in a crisis (and beyond)

Workforce management, your secret weapon in a crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has flipped the working world upside down. And it’s no secret that some businesses are coping with the circumstances better than others. Is your organisation one of them?