Going digital together during Corona crisis

The situation regarding the Corona virus is evolving rapidly and is affecting all of us. Both your health and that of our employees is our highest priority in this situation. In order to guarantee the continuity of our services, we have taken a number of measures.

Measures taken

  1. All services and training can continue from a distance.
    We have all the necessary tools at our disposal to make this run as smoothly as possible. We ensure that your project can continue as planned.

  2. Personal appointments are performed digitally.
    If this is not possible or desired, it will be postponed to a later date.

  3. Hardware interventions can continue, provided that stricter precautions are taken. 
    We want to continue to guarantee the security of your facilities at all times.

  4. All Protimers operate from home until further notice.
    We want to do our part in order to, in line with the current measures, hopefully be able to contain the virus together quickly. You won't even notice. Our employees will devote their undivided attention to you.

We stay available!

All our account managers, consultants and customer care agents will remain available as before through the known online channels. Also our reception will remain available to help you with all your questions or to direct you to the right person.

Questions? Contact us!

We keep you informed!

We will keep you informed about further progress of the situation via the update page: www.protime.eu/corona

Proud to be Great Place To Work Belgium again in 2020!

Protime GPTW Belgium 2020

For the 8th year in a row we can call ourselves a Great Place To Work. This isn't just a label, it's our lifestyle and even a strategic goal. Even in this time of crisis, culture remains our top priority...


Working apart together…

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Although we live in a very digital world, the removal of social contacts turns out to be very difficult for us. How your relationship with your employees can survive this situation