Workforce management, your secret weapon in a crisis (and beyond)

Workforce management, your secret weapon in a crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has flipped the working world upside down. And it’s no secret that some businesses are coping with the circumstances better than others. Is your organization one of them?

While we certainly couldn’t have predicted the impact of coronavirus, with the right workforce management solutions in place, businesses can prevent further damage and keep operations running as smoothly as possible. Even better, a workforce management module that integrates with HR and payroll is your secret weapon, empowering you to improve efficiencies across the entire employee lifecycle from one place. 

SD Worx summed up some of the reasons why an integrated workforce management module can help your business through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond...

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Unlock the hidden power of workforce management to boost efficiency and empower employees


To learn more, please join the SD Worx payroll experts for an interactive webinar on 14 May, where they will discuss how technology can:

  • Help both HR and managers keep track of absences and attendances, performances (hours worked), flexible hours and overtime
  • Provide accurate and real-time data for KPI’s
  • Unlock valuable time to focus on your employees
  • Give employees more self-control & insights of their absences
  • Enable employees to be responsible for good team planning

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