Trends that are not new

The majority of HR trends indicated a clear link between necessary changes in HR and a talent retention strategy.

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A company of people

My number one focus point as a customer care manager is the question: How can we make sure every customer is delighted? Not just in general, but in everything we do, at any touch point and in any given situation.


Are you prepared for the flexible working law?

Since the beginning of this month your employees have the right to request flexible working. Although a lot of employers are willing to accommodate this we see that ...


New visuals

A company with high ambitions is continuously facing new challenges. Communication is then a constant concern.


Customer in the spotlight: CNH

“We merged into one project team”


Protime 360°

What is the precise contribution of human capital to your company result?


Protime sponsors the Special Olympics Summer Games 2014

The organization of Special Olympics chose to work with the new Protime solution: Protime 360°.


'Heartbleed' vulnerability does not apply to the Protime solutions

In the recent days, there were a lot of media reports about the security issue, called 'Heartbleed', the popular open source software OpenSSL.