HR in hotels

The hotel sector is highly focused on service. This means that staff are more frequently becoming a differentiating factor, in addition to the accommodation. However, staff management is all too often not supported by the right tools. The consequence of this is duplicated administration work that is often prone to errors and takes away valuable time.

The lack of an overarching solution is usually a result of the growth process. After all, smaller hotels, chains or establishments get by with a simple Excel spreadsheet. In our experience, we have seen that more and more hotels are growing out of their simple spreadsheets. While macros offer some solace at first, they usually lack flexibility and are difficult to maintain.

So, what does a hotel HR solution look like?

To get a realistic idea of the actual hours that have been worked, you need to have clear time tracking. Time tracking also gives you an immediate overview of your staff outgoings, which is the most significant expense in the sector. In addition to time tracking, digital absence requests are also an important improvement. A simple employee portal allows your staff to request and monitor their absences from home. Paper-based holiday forms are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. 

Whereas time tracking is mainly a tool that enables you to correctly pay salaries, your planning should focus sooner on the future. The combination of staff availability and requirements during certain periods (e.g. holidays, weekends), is the perfect mix to feed your planning. In this way you can be sure that you will have sufficient staff at the lowest possible cost, at any moment.

Could this also be something for your hotel?

We will be pleased to show you how HR solutions have been deployed at other hotels. You can find various case studies here or contact us directly here.