Covid-19 update

Next update on Thursday, April 2 at noon

New payroll codes for temporary unemployment

Monday, March 30, 2020    18:00 CEST

An error was found in a previous communication from SD Worx concerning the new wage codes for temporary unemployment regarding corona (email March 23).

Read the correct information about the new wage codes for Protime & Onlinewerkrooster in Dutch and in French (Belgium).



Tuesday, March 24, 2020    11:00 CEST

We launch a set webinars to help you configure absences in our solutions specific to the current situation. These webinars are free of charge.

If you did not receive an email with an invitation for these webinars, please let us know.



SD Worx

Thursday, March 19, 2020    13:00 CEST

Just like Protime, SD Worx remains fully operational to service customers remotely.

SD Worx created a FAQ for companies all over Europe. Find information about measures taken for your industry and your employees, what to do in case of economic unemployment, etc.

Go to to find the FAQ for your region.


Cleaning time & access terminals

Monday, March 16, 2020    17:00 CEST

Should you wish to clean your time & access terminals more frequently, you might like to follow the advice below:

  • To clean your terminal we recommend using a soft, micro-fibre cloth dampened with 70% isopropyl alcohol, non-toxic, non-bleach disinfectant safe cleaning fluid. Please take care to avoid run-off and do not allow any liquid to enter the plastic casing.
  • For a smear-free finish, polish with a dry, clean, lint-free cloth.
  • Do not use any other janitorial products, acids, solvents, polishes or abrasives.


Measures concerning Corona virus

Friday, March 13, 2020    10:00 CEST

Your health as well as that of our employees is of course always a top priority. In order to guarantee the continuity of our services, Protime is taking a number of measures immediately.

This means that for the time being:

  1. All services are carried out via remote applications. Don't worry, we have all the necessary tools for this. We ensure that your project can continue as planned.
  2. Hardware interventions will continue, under stricter precautions.
  3. Personal visits are postponed until a later date or are carried out by phone.
  4. Protimers are advised to work from home as much as possible. You won't even notice, apart from the fact that they will have all their attention undivided for you.

Although we are very sorry to have to take these steps, the most important thing right now is everyone's well-being. At the same time, we want to continue to guarantee our high-quality service.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give your project manager or account manager a call.