e-Premium (Hosted Solution)

In business, SaaS continues to gain importance. The same goes for consumers by the way. The most commonly used software solutions are sold online as a subscription (just think of Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce or Adobe Creative Cloud).

Protime has been offering its SaaS solutions since 2003. Based on the experience we’ve acquired since that time with various international customers, we’ve pinpointed some major reasons why SaaS is so important.

The advantages of e-Premium

  • Companies no longer need IT resources for their Workforce Management.
  • T&A and payroll are usually not a company's core business. This is why it is better to outsource the management and maintenance to a specialist.
  • Companies avoid pointless overhead in updating software on their own servers.
  • A simple Internet connection allows you to work from anywhere (i.e. also from home).
  • Updates and upgrades are free of charge and offered automatically. 
  • No more paying SLA contract.
  • Employee management scales per person instead of per 100 employees.
  • The security of the modules is Protime's responsibility (and we are experts).
  • 99.99% availability/year and backup at several secure locations.
  • Hosting is the future. The last few years over 80% of our customers opted for SaaS. 


Bookings are collected through various options (registered readers, check out systems, PC, terminals, webservices…). Those are forwarded through your Internet where the data is saved, going on a professional and split datacenter. In other words, your data is secure at several different locations.