Are you prepared for the flexible working law?

Since the beginning of this month your employees have the right to request flexible working. Although a lot of employers are willing to accommodate this we see that most of them do not have the right tools to support the myriad of different types of flexible working.
Protime has a proven track record in helping similar organizations implement flexibility into their organization. Our pan-European experience allows us to go one step further in maximizing your human capital. We can show you how the right tools and processes do not only give more control, but also drastically reduce overhead.

If you want to contact us simply click here. We are confident it will be interesting at least.

P.S.: While it is true that the ´human capital´ isn´t always mentioned anywhere in a company´s annual report, HR managers with an effective HR policy are highly valued as strategic partners. Let us show you how others do it.


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