This year has not been easy for the health of company cultures. Physical distance made it a challenge to keep employees engaged and involved in your company. But making company culture a strategic goal remains a top priority, and that pays off...

The Best Workplaces label award rewards our sustained efforts to continue to invest in our employees and our unique corporate culture. This 5th consecutive nomination in Europe is no coincidence: it proves that the satisfaction of our Protimers is our daily priority, even with the impressive growth we have seen in recent years.

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Corporate culture as a strategic goal

"You can buy software anywhere to support your human resources policy. But nowhere do you get the commitment, the involvement of our employees". Peter s'Jongers, CEO Protime, stated from his book 'Proud'.

It takes time and effort to build a culture. For the 8th year in a row, we have been participating in Great Place To Work's external employee survey. But that's just one snapshot a year. At Protime, we work on personal development throughout the year through ongoing evaluation, promoting entrepreneurship and allowing employees to share in the company's profits through their bonus.

Protime is very proud of this award because it adds to the corporate culture, which is even a strategic objective. In addition to the positive image of this award ceremony for recruiting new colleagues, it is primarily about satisfied customers. They help us to maintain a high growth rate. But that is only possible if we can engage committed employees.

Across the border...

Protime has offices in all of Europe, growing not only our market base but also our cultural diversity. This makes it an even greater recognition to be rewarded as Great Workplace in Europe as well, knowing that we make it our goal to make all of our employees feel as a true Protimer that is proud of their team and company.

Belgium was the first country to enter the GPTW ranking, followed by our offices in the Netherlands and this year also France for the first time!

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Written by: Protime
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