Corona measures Protime offices

Last updated on: 28 October 2020

Corona has changed our way of working for the past few months. Nevertheless, we keep motivated to ensure all our customers and contacts the best service we are used to.

Since we are facing a second Corona wave, Protime is following the given instructions of all the regions where we have offices. To give both our employees and our customers a clear view of the measures taken, we provide you with the regional map and information below. We will update this info regularly.

Map with the current status of each of the offices


Explanation of the colors and which rules apply


Interregional travels

Traveling to other Protime offices depends on the advice of your country. Check the sites below:


In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact us!


The importance of the Cloud in these times of confinement

Protime-The importance of the Cloud

As far as the Cloud is concerned in Belgium, three figures summarise the situation perfectly: in just 2 years, the percentage of large companies present in the Cloud has risen from 44% to 72%.


Hygiene measures also for your terminals

During this period of hygiene measures it is advisable to also clean your terminals.