Protime understands that every organization is unique. Our experience in HR-solutions made us realize there are two important views on Time as a resource. Protime offers solutions for both views:

Protime Premium

Within our Premium solution, ProTeam is responsible for the basic planning of timetables. Department heads use this module to manage working hours, timetables and absences. ProTeam helps with decentralising planning data within HR. The solutions of Protime are also available as SaaS solution.

- Rapid insight into capacity utilisation of duty rosters
- Short information lines between managers and employees
- Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Manager Self-Service (MSS)
- Decentralising planning
- Expandable with requirement planning

“Thanks to Protime, I get a good night's sleep.”
Jos Straathof - Service Operations Manager

Hewlett-Packard CDS (Netherlands) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard Netherlands. The entity handles the on-site implementation of IT services. HP CDS' 400 mobile engineers can be seen at work with some of The Netherlands' biggest corporations and government organisations. Each month, the business provides around 90,000 hours in services.
Alongside the entity in The Netherlands, HP CDS also operates in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, England, Ireland, Germany, Spain and Portugal.