Protime understands that every organization is unique. Our experience in HR-solutions made us realize there are two important views on Time as a resource. Protime offers solutions for both views:

Protime Premium

ProTime is the basic module of our Premium solution. This module manages the fixed data of all employees, including temporary agency staff, together with all possible timetables. ProTime configures complex calculation rules to enable payroll processing to follow quickly and correctly. ProTime is also available online as SaaS solution.

Protime 360

Protime 360° is the solution for time logging in a time and place-dependent working environment. The focus of Protime 360° lies more on personal contribution than on attendance. Defining calculation rules with a view to payroll processing within Protime 360° is very intuitive.

• Lower error balance with calculated pay
• Less querries for the HR department
• Up to 80 % faster monthly payroll processing
• Less work pressure on pay administration
• More time for HR to be present in the field

"How to start with seasonal workers?"
Christine Chamel & Ludovic Quentin - HRM & Area Manager for T&A Management

The Compagnie du Mont-Blanc, based in Chamonix, is the leading ski lift company in France. Operating on the territory of the municipalities of Chamonix and Vallorcine, it runs three ski resorts. Besides its catering branch with 70 employees, it employs 553 people in winter and 440 in summer. Compagnie du Mont-Blanc also has a controlling stake in the company LHSG, which operates the Houches ski resort.