Protime Premium

ProTime is the basic module of our Premium solution. This module manages the fixed data of your personnel and all possible timetables. In addition, in ProTime you record attendances, absences, overtime and other deviations from the timetable. Protime is also available online as cloud solution.

By using the Protime solution for your Time & Attendance Management, you have the basis for correct, rapid calculations in your pay administration. Salaries, overtime, bonuses, and other variables will be calculated more correctly and efficiently.

Fewer errors also mean that your costs in terms of administration and control fall. Because your costs reduce and the information flows improve, you gain more time for a more efficient HR policy.

• Correct, rapid calculations
• Reduced administration and control
• More efficient HR policy

“Progressive and flexible - One system for all branches”
Marianna Aquarius & Linda Baelen - HR Manager for the Netherlands & HRD

Ter Beke, founded in 1948, has expanded into a market player in the meantime, with eight branches in Belgium and the Netherlands. Ter Beke has three specialities: meat products, ready-made meals and service slicing. Ter Beke employs a total of about 1,800 people, of whom 15% are temporary workers. Ter Beke has been stock-market listed since 1986, and the turnover of the group amounted to € 403.7 million in 2011.