The benefits of Protime Time and attendance software for HR professionals

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Safe & legally compliant HR software

Discover a range of safe, reliable tools that comply with the latest regulations and legislation.

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Fast and easy workforce management

Optimize the management of your staff;

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Decentralized HR tasks

Improve employee accountability and engagement with a user-friendly HR self-service tools.

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Increased productivity and profitability

Increase your company's productivity and profitability, while reducing costs and maintenance.

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A work-life balance monitor

Use the tool as a heart rate monitor for your employees on a daily basis.

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Less manual errors

Automate certain processes and thus reduce the time spent on administration, while drastically reducing the error rate. In other words, save time and focus on truly strategic, high-impact projects.

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Discover myProtime!

myProtime is an employee self service (ESS) solution that allows you, asn an employee, to quickly and easily access information and requests related to your working time (vacations, absences, planning, etc.). These clear and transparent insights help you safe time, avoid scheduling errors and maintain a good work-life balance.

Our expertise? Our customers know best!

HR manager Mohammed
"With Protime I have a win-win relationship. Because the more features they offer, the more I improve my performance!"
Mohammed Agdour
HR Manager Gerresheimer

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