Protime has 11 dedicated employees for our own datacenter services:

  • 24/7 monitoring of the overall uptime & performance.
  • Coordination & execution of datacenter changes & upgrades.
  • Setting up automatic import/export processes. 
  • Configuration of SSO and MFA.
  • Internal datacenter security and optimization projects.


Bert Van Doorsselaere
Bert Van Doorsselaere
Teamlead Cloud Technologies
Daniel Gomez
Daniel Gomez
Datacenter Engineer Datacenter
Ewout Pockelé
Ewout Pockelé
DevOps Engineer
Glenn Van Bael
Glenn Van Bael
DevOps Engineer
Joren Dhont
Joren Dhont
DevOps Engineer
Kristof Van Merode
Kristof Van Merode
Datacenter Engineer
Kurt De Koning
Kurt De Koning
Customer Care IT Agent
Martin De Cort
Martin De Cort
Datacenter Architect
Nick Laureyssens
Nick Laureyssens
Datacenter Support Engineer
Steven Ceulemans
Steven Ceulemans
Customer Care IT Agent
Stijn Vinck
Stijn Vinck
IT Project Manager

Security Questionnaire

The default security questionnaire we use is based on the Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ) made by the Cloud Security Alliance. The CAIQ provides a set of Yes/No questions to ascertain our compliance to the Cloud Controls Matrix.


Technical requirements and general overview


  • ISAE 3402 Type 2 report (.pdf)​
    Report which provides reasonable assurance that the control objectives stated below were achieved and operated effectively:

    • Change management related to software and infrastructure
    • Availability management
    • Data management
    • Incident management
    • Logical security
    • Operations
  • ASPEX DRT Evaluation (.pdf)
    Report on disaster recovery testing.

  • Backup & Recovery Testing (.pdf)
    Overview of the backup environment, decisions that led to it, and procedures for using the environment.

  • myProtime Penetration Test (pentest) (.pdf)​
    Report the results of our web application (myProtime) security assessment performed by Toreon.

  • Protime Premium Penetration Test (pentest)
    Report the results of our Parallels application (Premium) security assessment performed by Toreon.

  • Protime GDPR Practices (.pdf)
    In May 2018, a new European privacy law came into effect and this had a huge impact on how organisations across the region approach data privacy. Protecting our customers’ data set out by the new data protection regulation is one of our top priorities. This document describes our efforts to guarantee that compliance on a process level.

  • Protime General Policy Framework (.pdf)
    Overview of the policies used by Protime, mainly to protect customer data in general.​

Single sign-on


  • ​​SaaS Automated Processes
    An Automated Process is a solution for our Protime SaaS customers to automate integration with internal systems or software from third party providers.
  • Protime Connector Framework
    For API based integrations we have created our connector framework. This framework is in between the customer and our back-end API layer. Connectors allow us to exchange data more efficient and realtime using event & webhook technology.


Your business continuity is our main concern so the Protime data is located in two datacenters at 2 physical locations in Belgium. The primary datacenter is in Aalst & the secondary one in Diegem. They are in online mirroring mode, so if there is a technical problem in Diegem, the datacenter in Aalst will automatically take over the impacted component(s).

For our datacenter infrastructure we collaborate with our partners LCL and Fujitsu.

In both of our datacenters you will find the following components:

Protime datacenter infrastructure

1. Server infrastructure

The Protime server farm that stores & processes your data.

2. Electricity

A state-of-the-art power supply installation provides electricity over our 2 datacenters at all times. In case of a general power outage the emergency generators(uninterruptible power supplies) will automatically take over.

3. Cooling

A fresh breeze through our components to ensure that our equipment stays at the optimal temperature. We provide a constant temperature thanks to the air conditioning cabinets with separate cooling water circuits and the perforated floor tiles that ensure the even distribution of the cooled air. It is as energy-efficient as possible thanks to permanent monitoring by our cooling specialists.

4. Protection against fire & water

Smoke detectors ensure permanent fire detection, both on the ceiling and under the raised floor. Should a fire ever occur, we will immediately nip it in the bud. We extinguish a special gas - harmless to people and the environment - that removes oxygen from the air and reduces the temperature. We have also invested in a flawless leak detection system. Every presence of water is immediately localized, and of course also removed.

5. Physical security

We do not want unauthorized persons to be able to physically meet our crucial customer data. That is why our datacenter is also strongly committed to physical security: access control, camera surveillance and continuous monitoring. Consider our datacenter as a safe. And even if someone would have unauthorized access to our data, we have encrypted all data at rest and have the encryption key stored in our Protime key vault.

6. Meet-me room

The heart of our datacenter when it comes to connectivity. More than 40 telecom & Internet operators come together here. This way we can choose the most optimal & performant route between our datacenters and your organization.

Hosting Partners

To maximize your cloud experience, we collaborate with the following hosting partners. They support us with state-of-the-art infrastructure and professional expertise.

Protime Datacenter hosting parnters
Datacenter ISAE 3000 Certified


We attach great importance to the annual renewal of security and quality certificates. Click on the logos for the management summaries or more information. Insight in the full reports is possible after signing an NDA. Contact us for more information.

Ecological footprint

Our datacenters comply with environmental legislation and the ISO14001 standard.

We make efforts to reduce our ecological footprint, this ranges from small things such as economical use of paper and sorting waste carefully, to the regular maintenance and inspection of our installations.

  • We measure electricity consumption and we can detect unnecessary energy consumption.
  • Cold corridors ensure efficient, local cooling.
  • The fire fighting system in our data centers, NOVEC 1230, is the most ecological extinguishing gas on the market.


In addition, our datacenters run 100% on green energy!

The PUE (Power Usage Efficiency), an energy efficiency indicator, is between 1.5 and 1.7. The closer the result 1 approaches, the more efficient. We go for sustainable environmental policy and less consumption in all areas. 

ISO 14001 Environmental management certificat