A corporate climate that matches our ambitions

At Protime, we work all year round to make our environment one of the best workplaces in Europe. This ambition is reflected in our daily work:


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Be the best employer for every Protimer

For 10 years, we achieved the Great Place To Work label year after year. We chose not to apply again in 2023. The ambition is almost the same, but we choose a more internally defined goal. We don't want to be the best to win a competition, we want to create the best possible version of our workplace in all its facets. We want to have a meaningful impact on every Protimer, the society we work in and the environment we live in.

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Corporate culture

Corporate culture is not just a nice to have, at Protime it is a yearly strategic objective.

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Personal growth

The possibility for each Protimer to develop further in his or her role via a unique personal development plan for each employee.

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A real attention for the protection of the environment

The environment is not a "fashionable subject", it is a vital cause in which everyone must invest. This means taking small steps on a daily basis, taking action and breaking habits. And not just in our private lives. 

In addition to equipping the company's buildings with intelligent LED lighting that works exclusively on a timer principle, Protime wants to go further. Together with three partners, the company has invested in environmental protection and biodiversity. How do they do this? By housing and caring for several colonies of bees on a specially created flowerbed next to the head office in Mechelen (Belgium).

Why bees?

Biodiversity is essential for our well-being, yet we have already lost more than 30% of all wildlife in recent decades. The extinction of the bee, the main pollinating insect, is one of the main reasons for this worrying phenomenon. By maintaining bee populations and providing enough additional food for wild bees, we want above all to allow biodiversity to continue for longer. So that our future generations can benefit from it.

Protime - about us - time for future generations

Time for future generations

We cannot say it enough: time is precious. That's why we believe it's our responsibility to offer time for society. When it came time to write down our company's mission, it was clear to Protimers that future generations and the time needed to develop them for a promising future were important. We are therefore determined to make this ambition a reality by supporting good causes (associations, NGOs, etc.) especially if they work with children.

This way, Protimers have the opportunity to give their time to help during their working hours.  Examples include Sogeha in Belgium (which organises summer camps for underprivileged children) and the Dierendal Children's Farm in the Netherlands (an educational farm run by volunteers). 

This corresponds, approximately, to more than 3600 hours / year that we willingly offer to the future of our society. 

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