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Birth and growth

Founded in 1995, Protime is today a European market leader in time registration and personnel planning. 

Protime was founded by Peter s'Jongers and 3 companions at the young age of 25. Entrepreneurship has always been in his blood. But more than just wanting to have a growing business, co-founder and COO Peter s'Jongers was looking for that special cultural fit that made every Protimer #proud of being part of our company.

Our tools are now used in almost 40 countries. We have offices in Aartselaar (BE), Namur (BE), Paris (FR), Luxembourg (LU), Manchester (UK), Waddinxveen (NL), Frankfurt (DE). Today, our team has exceeded 450 Protimers.

Protime about us our mision

Our goal

"Time is valuable. You can only spend it once."

In today's world, changes come and go. This is why organizations must adapt quickly to these external and often disruptive changes. This requires a growing need for efficiency, performance and flexibility. Protime technology helps employees to manage their valuable time and to add value to their organisation.

Our vision

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What will we do?

We make time valuable.

Protime provides time-optimising technology and services. In other words, so that:

  • our customers and their employees can manage their time in the best possible way.
  • our Protimers can spend their time in an exciting and healthy environment, where they can develop their talents.
  • future generations can have the time and attention they need for a better future.
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What do we aim for?

  • We want to be the best employer for all our employees 
  • and the nr 1 Workforce Management provider in Europe
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Why are we here?

Time is precious. You can only spend it once.

In today’s fast-moving environment, organisations must adapt to the speed of external and often disruptive changes. This demands an increasing need for efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility. Thanks to our solutions, Protime helps people get a grip of their precious time and bring value to their organisations. We will be one of the best employers in Europe and find pride in what we do together.

Protime values C3


How do we do it?

Company values are the fundamental beliefs of an organisation. These guiding principles dictate behaviour and can help Protimers understand the difference between right and wrong. Core values also help to determine if we are on the right path, fulfilling our goals. They help us to define how Protimers should behave in business.

This is what a Protimer is like:

  • CUSTOMER FOCUS: WE search the solution, not the procedure
  • COLLABORATION: WE bundle our talents to get things done
  • CAMARADERIE: WE share a spirit of trust, respect and friendship
  • GROWTH: WE pursue growth and learning
Protime about us

Make Time Valuable

Corporate Social Responsability embedded in our culture

Time is precious, you can only spend it once. If we want to get the most out of the available time, we have to aim at being the worlds best employer for every Protimer!

We make a conscious shift from being a ‘great place to work’ towards being the best employer for each Protimer. The ambition is almost the same, but we choose a more internally defined goal. We don’t want to be the best to win games or win a contest, we want to create the best possible version of our workplace in all its facets. We want to have a meaningful impact on every Protimer, the society we operate in and the environment we live in.

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Culture is key

Team culture eats Company Culture for breakfast. When every team is the best team to work for, we have the best company to work for. The culture ambassador program is essential is this.

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Let’s listen carefully

We used the great place to work survey once a year to ask for feedback, but we feel this is not enough. We need to move to a listening organization. One where we use more frequent, shorter surveys in order to take the right actions, evaluate them and listen again.

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WE are all Protime

At Protime we strive to create a workplace where everyone feels seen, heard, valued and empowered to succeed. A workplace where everyone feels like they belong and is treated with respect and equity. This is our internal mission statement where we will work on in the following years Our values will be our compass. Why? Diversity and inclusion means more creativity, innovation and work happiness!

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Continuous growth

At Protime you can grow every day. Let us make it explicit, so we can facilitate your growth the best way possible. HIKE will even have its own tool in 2023!

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The society we live in

Protimers have a natural aptitude in supporting society. Ask around and see how much volunteering is going on. We make time valuable by donating our own time to good causes. In the future we will increase our level of commitment even more.

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The environment around us

The environment is not just a fashionable subject. It‘s a vital cause in which we believe we must invest. This means taking small steps on a daily basis, taking action and breaking habits. And not just in our private lives. We already take nature into account when we make decissions, but as of 2023 we will ramp up our efforts with challenging goals!

Protime Culture Ambassadors

Culture Ambassadors

If you ask a Protimer why he or she loves to work for us, many of the arguments concern their own team! And we totally get this!
Team culture is a major driver for engagement. This is why a culture ambassador in every team will safeguard and nurture team culture.
This ambassador is the right hand of the teamleader when it comes to group values and behavior. They live and breath culture. He or she is an important contact for colleagues if they want to talk about team health or wellbeing. 

“They use the values as a guide and focus on valuable connections between team members.”

Our ambassadors guarantee our company culture stays strong by focussing on it throughout the year. Driven by the dream of being the best workplace on the planet, we believe that every Protimer can promote that culture. They are convinced that acting consistently in accordance with our culture, based on clear values and exemplary behavior, makes us stronger as a company, as an employee and above all as a human being.

Protime SD Worx France

Member of the SD Worx Group

Protime is a proud daughter of the SD Worx group since 2011. This means that you can benefit from a complete service from time management to payroll management from a single source. Practical, isn't it?

We make time valuable

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Once in a lifetime

Why Protimers love to work for us, and for you!

Discover Protime in a different way through its history, the personalities that make up our teams, the values that unite Protimers and the partnerships and synergies that have been created over the years.

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