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Managed Services

We assist you in handling your HR administration, so you can concentrate on your core HR tasks and ensure continuity.

Do you need our full attention for two hours per week, three days per month, or to replace somebody on leave? We like to build long time partnerships with our customers and map out an individual track to help you the best we can. Other companies rely on Protime to assist in preparing their payroll, document handling, and internal HR activities.

To get the job done, we offer you a real Protimer. Somebody who knows what HR is all about and has extensive experience with other organizations to inspire you.

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Training Center

The Protime Training Center is a centralized team with local customer support hubs in The Netherlands, Flanders, Wallonia and France (and we're expanding even more!). Our main goal is to help you work with our solutions as smoothly as possible and to tell you all about the ins and outs of the entire Protime Product Suite.

We have training programs for every level of expertise. Whether you want to give a quick end user update on the use of self-service or an in-depth session for HR professionals we can help you in getting the most of our tools.

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Integrations & automations

We love data at Protime. Especially if that data helps you in fully leveraging the most precious asset of today: your time. Look at data as a sports watch. A sports watch doesn't make you run faster. But the data and insights you get from it, will help you improve routines.

Actionable data that helps you grow. Our software talks to almost any existing payroll provider, payroll software, ERP system, you name it. We provide standard integrations and have the know-how to create new integrations with emerging software.

Protime Optimisations


With Protime, you do not only get software. Thanks to our consultants, all of whom have a background in HR, you are guaranteed that the solution will also work according to your wishes and needs. Not only at the start of the collaboration, but especially so that Protime Premium can evolve with your company.

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