Cost management

Automatically allocating personnel costs to the right customers, projects and orders can produce enormous time gain. Automatic cost centre allocation particularly helps with a fixed cost centre per employee, a link to an entry terminal or an allocation by planning.

All registered costs can be analysed thanks to reporting. With the aid of export files, the information can be further processed in other applications such as financial software for bookkeeping or invoicing.

  • Flexible cost structures
  • Automatic cost allocation
  • Ease of use
  • More accurate pay distribution
  • Optimized bookkeeping lists
  • Reports for cost price calculation
  • Input for invoicing
Protime Cost accounting

Costing and wage distribution

Our solution for costing and wage distribution is oriented towards accounting and bookkeeping functions in order to be able to accurately encompass the complex processing of salary costs.

Next to costs the collection of data, time, attendance, access and planning will be greatly facilitated by our access terminals and time clocks. These devices use advanced technologies that offer you a lot of flexibility every day.