International HRM: HR management across borders

For whom is this white paper intended?

According to the EY Growth Barometer: Europe Survey, a quarter of European mid-sized companies plan an international expansion within the year. France leads the way with one in three companies. A more recent study by SDWorx revealed that one in eight Belgian SMEs plans to cross the border in the next five years. This lower figure is not necessarily related to a lack of ambition in our country, but is rather the result of cold feet.

This white paper is intended for executives and personnel managers of Belgian - and by extension European - companies considering international expansion. The content of this paper focuses, on the one hand, on the most important points of attention in the area of global human resource management (IHRM). On the other hand, you will find tips in this dossier that will help you choose the right HR tool and partner.

The opinions are complemented by testimonials from Michael Oggenfuss and Jörg Herzig, both are HR manager in representative multinationals: Worldline and TechnoAlpin. They both have extensive experience in an international context.