DSV Logistics is an American company operating on five continents. Its core business is the storage and dispatching of goods and merchandise at both local and international level. DSV Logistics generates a global turnover of 3,500 million euros. With 17,000 employees worldwide and over 341 employees in Belgium, DSV Logistics is a major player on the logistics market.

Damien Warlier
“Protime impressed us with its ability to fit in with our working method.”
Damien Warlier
Human Resources Manager

It is no coincidence that DSV Logistics was set up in Houdeng. Right at the heart of a major highway hub, the company's growth has triggered a recruitment drive.

Thanks to its adapted and adaptable solutions, Protime offers DSV Logistics the instruments it needs to carve out its future. Damien Warlier has several roles at DSV Logistics but the one of Human Resources Manager is, without a doubt, that which he relishes most. “When I joined DSV Logistics, we were 60 on the Houdeng site. Today, if you count the temps, there are more than 170 of us.”

“This makes quite a difference, a difference that is most acutely felt at human resources management level,” he says before stressing that the firm sees itself as one big family. As such, the changes to be made to the company's operation were significant. A challenge for any company, unless it turns to the right people and does not shy away from innovation.