For the past three years, the + 400 blue-collar workers at VF Europe’s Belgian distribution centres have been relying on the myProtime app to register the hours they worked and their absences from work. As of late, all retail staff have started using the app too.

"We chose Protime because of its versatility, multi-functionality and the scope for expansion of the solution"
Thalia Verfaille
HR Generalist

"Innovative package"

Thalia and her colleagues have now been using the Protime tools for a few years. The question is, do they meet their requirements? ‘Definitely’, she says. ‘It’s an innovative package that delivers on its promises, largely courtesy of the tools’ broad range of application across the various departments. Also, the continuous innovations and improvements only serve to widen the scope of what the system can do. Moreover, I find that the tools have become even more accessible over the years.’

‘The support department is always happy to be of assistance with any questions we may have. On occasion, we have special requests, and they will always listen to us. If they do not have a solution ready to hand, they will help us seek out alternatives. A while ago, Protime even appointed a dedicated contact who understands our business and knows what our needs are. As a result our working relationship has become even more efficient.’