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Birth and growth

Founded in 1995, Protime is today a European market leader in time registration and personnel planning. 

Our tools are now used in almost 40 countries. We have offices in Aartselaar (BE), Namur (BE), Paris (FR), Luxembourg (LU), Manchester (UK), Waddinxveen (NL), Frankfurt (DE). Today, our team has exceeded 300 Protimers.

The Protime timeline


Creation of Protime by Peter s' Jongers, Eric and Luc Tim mermans and Piet Verstraete  


Protime moves its first offices to Antwerp


10th anniversary of the company with more than 40 employees.


Acceleration of the development in the Netherlands through the acquisition of the Dutch company Prosphera. For the first time, the group's turnover exceeds 10 million euros. 


Move to the Aartselaar office. Opening of an office in Paris.


Opening of Manchester office


SD Worx acquires a stake in Protime


Opening of an office in Germany

Protime's Belgian offices are awarded the Great Place To Work label for the first time. Since then, this label has been awarded every year


Opening of an office in Luxembourg


The Dutch offices of Protime become a Great Place To Work. This will also be the case in the years following this first award


Acquisition of the Lommel-based start-up « «Online werkrooster . 

Publication of Peter s'Jongers book "Pride! Why corporate culture is a strategic goal"


Protime France receives the Great Place To Work label. 

Online werkrooster becomes Strobbo


The company exceeds 300 Protimers in 6 countries and 8 locations

Protime about us our mision

Our goal

"Time is valuable. You can only spend it once."

In today's world, changes come and go. This is why organizations must adapt quickly to these external and often disruptive changes. This requires a growing need for efficiency, performance and flexibility. Protime technology helps employees to manage their valuable time and to add value to their organisation.

Protime about us our mision

Our mission

"make time valuable"

Protime provides time-optimising technology and services. In other words, so that:

  • our customers and their employees can manage their time in the best possible way.
  • our Protimers can spend their time in an exciting and healthy environment, where they can develop their talents.
  • future generations can have the time and attention they need for a better future.

Our vision



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To be great place to work

We want to be one of the best Great Places to Work in Europe, a fulfilling best workplace for all our employees.

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To be the number one provider of time management solutions in Europe

Time is becoming increasingly important in our society. Organizations must constantly adapt to a constantly changing world. Today, technologies allow us to organize ourselves differently. But people and organisations will always need to organise themselves as efficiently and flexibly as possible.  This means that they will continue to look for different ways to optimize the time of their human capital.

Protime SD Worx France

Protime is part of the SD Worx Group

Protime is a proud daughter of the SD Worx group since 2011. This means that you can benefit from a complete service from time management to payroll management from a single source. Practical, isn't it?

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