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Access control

Access control for employees is often wrongly seen as a restriction of freedom. However, employee’s safety is central. Person-controlled door systems make it possible to control perfectly where different flows of employees are able to obtain access.
Additionally, every interaction with the access control system is recorded, generating an historical report or a real-time overview of where employees are situated.

Protime Time and attendance HaaS


Hardware as a Service has the same advantages as Software as a Service. Protime takes over the complete management and maintenance of devices and you avoid a large investment at the start of a project. You also avoid the risks of failing hardware and rapidly changing legislation. In addition to the hardware we offer for access control, it is also possible to include the terminals for time registration in a HaaS formula.

Mock-up Floorplan

myProtime Floorplan

With our myProtime Floorplan, you can easily monitor online how many people are present in which zone within your company. In addition, you probably also want to know afterwards who has been in which area of the company and when? From now on, you can create a report at the push of a button. That way, you save a lot of time that you can use for other important matters.

This has two main advantages. Firstly, you get an instant overview of all access points on an easy to use floorplan. Secondly, we can assist you with monitoring of all devices so we can fix problems before they arise.

Protime access visitors registration

Visitor Management

myProtime Visitors is a safe solution for digitally registering company visitors and suppliers. Visitors can register themselves via a tablet, making it completely privacy proof.

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