The benefits of myProtime Planning

With our simple and intuitive way to manage your planning, you gain more time for other things. myProtime planning takes the hardest part off your plate. 

  • An overview of your scheduled employees.
  • The planned hours are visible on your employees' calendars.
  • See who is absent and therefore unscheduled.
  • Export your team's daily or weekly planning at the push of a button.
  • Give your planners limited access to their own team's planning.
  • Show only the locations where employees can be scheduled.

Ready for an efficient package deal?

Choose to combine myProtime Planning with our other solutions. Our various myProtime modules offer you a total package for employee management and payroll processing. This allows you to accurately monitor your entire workforce management. myProtime makes your life easier.

Need more? Our (access) terminals and other hardware solutions facilitate the collection of data such as time, attendance and access. These devices use advanced technologies that give you great flexibility every day.

Discover how myProtime Planning works

Want to discover exactly how our myProtime Planning solution works? We worked out a fictional reference case in which we fully explain it with clear examples. The result is a free functional document.

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