With the world constantly changing, companies must constantly innovate and experiment to stay successful. Recent events have proven once again that an unexpected factor can have a serious impact on an organization's strategy. Hence the need to have the ability to reinvent oneself quickly.

An organization must therefore be designed to easily deal with multiple situations. And thus make its human capital a real strength to achieve the best results. At Protime, we are convinced that one of the the key elements is the formation of a network of 'small' autonomous teams.

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An ecosystem of teams at the service of our clients

Today, Protime is made up of almost 30 different autonomous teams, managed by a Team Leader. Each team has its own objectives, aligned with the company's vision and mission. All these teams work closely together, like a start-up ecosystem. A real network. 

Like this, each Protimer is able to have a direct impact on the results of his team. Communication is fluid and transparent, decisions are made much faster and ideas are shared easily and directly. All this is complemented by a personal coaching plan for every Protimer.

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The result?

  • a very high level of commitment, 
  • a real and strong daily collaboration, 
  • an organization with many capabilities, because it is truly focused on the talent of each individual.

The structure, however, is only one piece of the puzzle. 

Our culture, based on shared corporate values, is the foundation of our organization, the key ingredient of our success.

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How does it work in practice?

  • There are only two levels of management: a management team and a team leader in each team,
  • A team is composed of 12 employees, when a team becomes too large, it must split into several new teams,
  • Each Team Leader is the CEO of his team,
  • 80% of decisions must be made independently by the team, only 20% come from the organization,
  • The customer, internal or external, always comes first.
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