Choosing your time management solution

What can you expect?

Whether you already have a time management solution or are searching for one, this guide addresses all HR managers or business leaders who don’t want to go wrong.

Faced with the numerous offers available and the volume of information you will need to process, it can be useful to structure and set goals for your approach. Protime has been a time and workforce management specialist since 1995 and is challenged
daily by businesses who wish to change but are uncertain about the anticipated solution or the partner with whom to work.

Based on this observation, the idea came about to create a practical guide that can support companies by clarifying their needs and in their search for a solution. Without taking a position, we give you guidelines for compiling your call for tenders and comparing the offers received objectively.

This guide has 3 objectives

  1. To help you assess the difficulties encountered in your workforce management administration or consider the possible improvements.
  2. Secondly, to help you build a solid case to convince internal stakeholders and assess your needs clearly.
  3. Finally, to help you choose the right supplier based on questions and concrete comparison points.