Check If OneNote is still logged in with your Protime account. (Still First reconfigure the Notebooks!)

Use the next steps to connect your OneNote notebooks to your SD Worx account.

  • Open your SD Worx OneDrive folder and create a new OneNote folder.
  • All your open OneNote notebooks are on the left hand side. Click on the little triangle to find them.
  • Right click one of the Notebooks and select Properties.
  • The properties of the Notebook are still set to the Protime OneDrive. 
  • Select "Change Location" to move your Notebook the the newly created folder on your SD Worx OneDrive.
  • OneNote will now start a sync to the new location.
  • Repeat these steps if you have multiple OneNote Notebooks
  • When all the OneNote Notebooks have been migrated, Select "Sign out"
  • Close OneNote, and reopen it.
  • Sign In with your SD Worx account.
  • Open the moved Notebooks: Go To: File - Open - Browse to you newly created "Notebooks" folder on your SD Worx OneDrive.
  • As a final step, you can cleanup old Protime entries in your OneNote. Go to File – Open and check the recent Notebooks. Right click on all Protime Workbooks to remove them. Make sure that you do not touch the the SD Workx notebook.