• Make a list of shared mailboxes as you will need to add them again after migration
  • Recurring meetings will not be migrated as you can’t change them afterwards. You will have to delete the meetings before the migration and send a new invitation after the migration. Be sure to make an overview.
  • List your existing Outlook rules (make a screenshot) as you will need to add them again after migration
  • Clean up your Mailbox. Empty deleted items folder in Outlook. 


  • External guests on your Teams and Sharepoint Online sites cannot be migrated. Make a list of who still needs access after the migration. Take into account that SD Worx colleagues will not be external guests anymore.
  • Also list the external Teams sites you are member of (customers, suppliers, …). You will have to be re-invited with your @sdworx.com account after migration.


  • Clean up your OneDrive and remove all obsolete items. Also make sure it’s completely synced.