Team cohesion, well-being, commitment or hybrid work, many are the HR trends that we want to address in our news section.

But we must not forget an essential theme for Protime, the epicenter of our activity and one of our core competences: time.

Team cohesion, well-being, commitment, and hybrid work are just some of the HR trends we would like to address in our news section.

But we mustn't forget an essential theme for Protime's teams, a flagship subject, the epicenter of our activity: time.

Flexibility, work/life balance, time management, there are many variations, each with their own specificities and relevance.

Today, with this brand-new infographic, we wanted to honour this notion of time, which is not always valued as it should be.

And to convince you of its importance for the performance of an organization as well as for the well-being and commitment of employees.

Therefore we suggest you discover 6 key figures that highlight the importance of time management in companies.

Enjoy your reading!

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Florent Bovicelli
Written by: Florent Bovicelli
Content marketeer