Rush on systems for visitor registration 


Although working from home is still mandatory for a while, many companies are already preparing for the moment when their employees will be allowed to return to the office.  They are looking for solutions in which this can happen safely for their employees and visitors. Registration and access control are high on the wish list. Protime sees the demand for digital solutions for this purpose increasing by no less than a quarter. In order to respond to this, Protime entered into a partnership with The Staff Solutions, whereby the latter's 'Gatehouse' module was integrated into the myProtime app. 

How can employees safely return to the office? This is the question many companies are asking these days. Digital systems that monitor when someone is at the office are very important in this respect. Protime, market leader in software solutions for time registration and personnel planning, saw the demand for its 'MyProtime-app' increase by 25% over the last few months. It is expected that this demand will only increase in the coming months. 


myProtime facilitates the return to the office

Anyone who wants to come to the office can request this from their manager via this app. Depending on the occupancy rate in the office, the manager can then approve or reject this request and he/she immediately has an overview of who is coming to work when. If someone falls ill, the manager automatically receives a Covid-19 report stating with whom the employee at the office might have had contact. 

myProtime Visitors: Contact tracing of both employees and visitors 

But not only employees visit the office, also suppliers, customers or for example external cleaning staff. Until recently, no registration or access control was possible for visitors via the MyProtime app. This will change as of today with the integration of the Gatehouse tool in the myProtime app. 

Peter s'Jongers, CEO of Protime: "The integration of the Gatehouse tool for visitor registration is a logical addition to the modules for time registration, personnel planning and access control, among others, which were already included in myProtime. Moreover, this makes contact tracing possible not only for employees but also for visitors. When a visitor turns out to be ill, companies can trace who he or she met within the company in just a few mouse clicks."    

Serge Demeyere, manager of The Staff Solutions in West Flanders: "Via our Gatehouse solution it is possible, among other things, to register visitors in advance after which they receive a QR code to open the door of the company. Depending on the reason for the visit, they can also receive specific (safety) instructions. It also contributes to security; companies always know who is present where within the company in case of an incident." 

Gatehouse continues to exist both on its own and integrated within myProtime. 


Over The Staff Solutions

The Staff Solutions has been providing advice and support across the broad ICT spectrum for small and medium-sized enterprises since 2015. The Staff staff can look back on years of experience in providing advice on important IT needs within SMEs. For software applications, such as ERP systems, Bartender, Qlik Sense and visitor management and also infrastructure (servers, cloud solutions, security). 


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