After our 9th Great Place To Work certification in the beginning of 2021, a 2nd place in the category "Belgian SMEs" and a "Communication in Corona time" special award, we are proud to announce that Protime has once again been rewarded for the quality of our working environment.

The news has just come out at the end of September: Protime is one of the prestigious circle of the 150 'Best European Workplaces'.

One of the most popular workplaces in Europe


According to the Great Place To Work study, Protime is now ranked 39th in the 50 to 499-employees companies. A success that is highlighting the many initiatives and practices proposed internally to promote the well-being and commitment of employees. And this, despite the many changes in work organisation due to the coronavirus situation.

"The impact of teleworking on the 'camaraderie', and therefore on the corporate culture, should not be underestimated. It is more important than ever to invest in a healthy company culture, as fulfilment at work is decreasing", explains Peter’s Jongers, CEO of Protime.

A team victory

This is a new proof of the importance of a wellbeing policy and corporate culture, allowing our company to make a real difference and become one of the most appreciated workplaces in Europe.

A great success, that would simply not have been possible without the daily investment of all Protimers.

It is a team victory, so congratulations to all of you!

Florent Bovicelli
Written by: Florent Bovicelli
Content marketeer