How your relationship with your employees can survive this situation

Although we live in a very digital world, the removal of social contacts turns out to be very difficult for us. As many love songs like to quote; "you only miss something when it's gone". The internet lines are massively flooded by all the homeworkers who try to stay in touch via video call, because seeing a familiar face helps us get through in these times of 'house arrest'.

But despite all the efforts that are being made, there is still great pressure on the company culture. How can this relationship survive the crisis? Some tips from Peter s'Jongers, CEO of Protime, Great Place To Work for 8 years in a row.

Smaller and autonomous teams

Form small teams where people really know each other and often have contact with each other. The resilience of a company and its corporate culture is just in the team and the togetherness within the team.

Social contact

Even in these times of 'social distancing' contact is indispensable.  Remote stand-up meetings, skype, teams, mail, ... all means are good as long as we keep looking for each other - virtually then - but keep looking for each other.  After all, together we always come up with better answers and solutions, just what we need even more in these times of uncertainty and social disruption.


Parents working at home now have their hands in their hair. How do I manage two full-time jobs in one day? As an employer, show understanding for this by giving them the necessary flexibility. Let them plan their daily schedule flexibly between play and nappies. This trust pays off in loyalty.


Because your employees don't have to leave and the kids don't have to go to school, the daily routine is suddenly completely changed. Schedule regular tuning moments to help your employees build in a good homework structure. 

Joint activities

In the first place, a unifying corporate culture ensures that we take good care of each other. Organize activities from within the company so that employees still feel connected from a distance. A few examples:


Encourage everyone to use video during calls


Encourage short breaks and give tips on how to fill them in (for example: 10 minutes of yoga, back exercises, how to make your own smoothie, ...).


Start a photochallenge with pictures of the homework place


Share tips for employees with children


End the day or week with a group toast via video call: let everyone raise their glasses together!


Do you have any tips of your own? We'd love to hear them! Share them on social media with the hashtag #hometogether

Written by: Protime
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