Our ambassadors

Our ambassadors are A-class fans of the Protime solutions and services. Read their experiences, or even ask a call or meeting with them to heir their Protime experience first hand!


About the ambassador program

In 2018, Protime launched its "Ambassador Program", a community of HR experts made up of customers who use our solutions. 

The objective? To go much further than the classic customer-supplier relationship in order to create real synergies between our different customers. This allows them to exchange their best practices during events and other specially dedicated exchange times. 

It is an opportunity for them to discuss with colleagues who are facing the same challenges and carrying out similar projects.

The pillars of our program

Joining our Ambassadors program means :

  • Join an exclusive community of HR experts and take advantage of dedicated events (Workshop, Conference, Workshops, etc.)
  • Take part in the creation of editorial content and HR articles with high added value, allowing you to share best practices and other projects carried out within your company.
  • Share your experience with Protime tools and solutions when the opportunity arises (soliciting customers, future customers, journalists, etc.).
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