Gerresheimer is maker of small glass bottles for the luxury cosmetics and perfumery sector. Gerresheimer Momignies belongs to the German multinational Gerresheimer group, which is based in Düsseldorf and has 45 sites worldwide. The multinational employs 10 000 people and has a turnover of 1.2 billion euros. Gerresheimer Momignies has 500 employees and is the leading supplier to the L'Oréal group worldwide. Other customers: Beiersdorff (Nivea Balsam), Yves Rocher, Clarins, Avon, Calvin Klein,...

HR manager Mohammed
"With Protime, I have a win-win relationship. The more functionality they suggest, the more I can improve my performance levels!"
Mohammed Agdour
HR Manager

When Mohammed Agdour joined the company in 2003, the timekeeping system hadn't changed since the company was first formed.

It was a manual system, particularly difficult to manage because it related, and still relates, to 50 different working-hour timetables.  

That meant that five people had to be dedicated to the personnel department, including two only for time management. An automated system was necessary to reduce the risk of error and free up staff from Human Resources for tasks with greater added value. 

In 2006, he looked for a new time management partner and consulted several potential suppliers. What were the determining factors in Protime's favour? First of all, the user-friendliness of the system, which is relatively unique on the market. Next, the very positive feedback gathered from other companies using the Protime system.