Albert Heijn is a Dutch supermarket chain, which is owned by Ahold. In the Netherlands, the company has 950 stores and 31 in Belgium. Thus Albert Heijn in the Netherlands is the largest supermarket chain in the country.

Jeroen Kuijpers
“The biggest improvement is the simplified and faster time registration”

“We had to clarify the definitions of the regulations. The payroll also had to be more efficient and correct. There were still too many deviations that needed to be checked manually.”

“Our main objective was an innovative time registration system. This is very good in Protime, and certainly in combination with SD Worx.”

“The biggest improvement is the simplified and faster time registration. Employees are now able to register their own hours. Supervisors are also able to enter absent employees in ProTeam. Since we started using Protime, there have been very few deviations. The payroll process is therefore more correct as well. In short, Protime has reduced the administration in the shops, allowing the operation to focus more on customers.”

“Protime is professional, very flexible and a good cooperation partner.
Jeroen Kuijpers
Manager HR Operations for Belgium and Germany