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Roos profielfoto
“The whole payroll process is 80 % faster than before.”

“Before we used Protime, we had to implement everything in the time registration system to process the wages. When someone was absent or ill, we called and mailed around, after which everything had to be entered manually. The planning and time processing followed a similar pattern and resulted in many uncertainties. The holiday applications also required a lot of manual work because employees had to request leave on paper. A signature of the manager had to be processed in our payroll programme, and then the leave card had to be signed and returned as proof of processing.”

“Both HR and IT made the choice. The simplicity of processing was a decisive factor, together with the resulting time savings.”

“Protime saves time. The whole payroll process is 80 % faster than before. Employees also save time because they don't have to work on paper anymore. A major advantage for HR is that we are able to check when someone says the number of hours worked is not correct. The ProTeam work schedules prove that all legal requirements are met in case of audits.” 

“Protime is fast, handy and easy. It really is not a difficult programme to use.”
Roos Vandenbussche