Chemviron Carbon is a world leader in the supply of activated carbon adsorber and mobile reactivation services. Based in Feluy since the 1970s, this site has become the European head office and since 2000, houses all of the Belgian installations on the same site. The group employs 250 people in Europe, 120 of whom in Belgium.

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"A facilitated international centralisation!"
Patricia Vangeel & Carine Dame
Director of Human Resources & HR employee

Patricia Vangeel, Director of Human Resources, has been in charge of managing the daily payroll of all European subsidiaries for 2 years.

“The constantly changing Belgian centre is the nerve centre for human resources for all our subsidiaries.”

They therefore needed a partner that was flexible and could adapt to the various structures, while at the same time offering a uniform overall environment. Protime met this challenge brilliantly;

The Feluy site has been using ProTime since 2006. When Patricia arrived in 2011, she was already a step ahead as she had used ProTime in her previous job. “The integration was much easier, even though the procedures weren’t the same. In the beginning, it required time and investment but then, as the tests were conducted, I got accustomed to the system, so I was able to get the most out of it".