The Liebherr Group is composed of over 130 companies, with an employee headcount of more than 39,000 worldwide. Liebherr, founded in 1949, set up its international headquarters in Bulle, where production facilities and administration employ 1,000 staff. This is where Liebherr manufactures its diesel and gas engines, hydraulic engines and pumps as well as injection systems. On the international front, Liebherr earned its reputation by supplying machinery for public works such as travelling cranes and construction machinery.

“Protime gives employees a large measure of transparency”
Christophe Genilloud & Martine Pugin
IT Manager & HR Manager

At the Liebherr Group headquarters in Bulle (Switzerland), some 1,000 employees are reaping the advantages of the Protime system.

When they use their badge to identify themselves, they have access to their work time budget, overtime and holidays.

This transparent system gives employees full responsibility for their working hours, and it also frees up the human resources department from filling in service records manually so that they can concentrate on more important tasks.

Christophe Genilloud, head of the project at Liebherr, is enthusiastic about convergence: “From the outset we worked on a global project between two companies – Niklas for installation of the Protime system, and Kaba for the access control system.”