Corporate hr-software: The 7 Capital Vices

Who is this document for?

We all agree that the international aspect of international HR management (IHRM) adds another dimension to HR’s core tasks. It therefore follows that we also have to take a fresh look at how we assess HR tools. This document is meant for all those with HR responsibilities and who operate within an international context, or at an organization that is on the brink of expanding internationally.

Why should you read this document?

Some regard software as a collection of functionalities. Considered this way, choosing a software package is a relatively simple matter. This line of reasoning is, however, incorrect. At issue is a product consisting of software as well as a number of supporting services. The quality of these services is in turn dependent on the supplier and the organization behind it. Too often we forget, in our enthusiasm - and encouraged by some supplier or another - to research specific, essential criteria. Therefore: ‘the 7 Capital Vices’. Consider this document as a handy memo for making the right choice.