Meet Yves, Yves Van de Venne, the new CTO of Protime. Since this summer, he has been filling this position with passion. New in the job, but not a new face. Yves has been working for us for 15 years.

The position of Chief Technology Officer is perfectly suited to Yves. But Chief Team Officer would also be a good fit. You will discover that when you read this article. But Team, because Yves is a real team player. Team Technology, team Protime, team Directors, team Padel, team Family.

A nose for technology

In recent years, Yves has been the enthusiastic team leader for Technology Operations, where he was responsible for the Data Centre, Development Operations and Customer Solutions.

This means that he and his team were (and still are!) responsible for enabling customers to use the Protime applications quickly and safely, 24/7. In addition, they also build customized applications and integrations for customers with specific needs.

Yves adds a technical touch: "What we also did was to support our Development Team in function of a faster and better application development. In addition, we are always looking for ways to streamline our release and deployment process.

The DNA of Protime, that is our Protimers".

That Yves is a team person becomes all the clearer when he answers the question of how it feels to be responsible of everything related to technology, after all the DNA of Protime.

"For me, the DNA of Protime is our people, the Protimers. My greatest achievement is perhaps recruiting the right people with this Protime DNA. I am secretly very proud of the fact that 99% of all my recruitments are still active at Protime today." 

And he continues:

Yves Van de Venne
"It is up to me to look for synergies and to ensure an organization and structure in which everyone can grow personally. As a result, Protime can also grow. So, it is my goal to always look for the added value by colleagues, based on their personal passions inside and outside the job."
Yves Van de Venne
CTO Protime

Becoming a CTO: what does that mean?

When asked what the interpretation of his job means now, Yves is adamant.

"There are four pillars:

  1. To help shape Protime's strategy and translate it into a clear vision for our technology teams.
  2. Supporting, facilitating & deploying team leads as much as possible on their passions and strengths.
  3. Building a strong network of IT professionals, he can rely on and where he can seek advice when necessary.
  4. Look for synergies as part of a strong SD Worx group and focus on strong integrations to grow together.

Ambitious projects in the offing

The new CTO is certainly passionate. Ask him about evolutions in technology and he will tell you in full colour (and in layman's terms) what they could mean for Protime's focus.

He explains that Protime was an early adaptor of SaaS (Software as a Service). In contrast to many other companies who still stuck to selling expensive licenses for a long time. And that the management of SaaS naturally requires the necessary monitoring. Thus, Protime evolved to a hybrid cloud to fully focus on scalability and flexibility.

And in the future? Our new CTO is very excited about the (future) integration between myProtime & Strobbo Planning. Because that is the best of both worlds, with the powerful Protime computing engine on the one hand and the flexible and dynamic Strobbo planning possibilities on the other. Yves is already convinced: "We're going to make a lot of organizations happy with this.

In addition, Yves wants to focus on integration.

  1. integration with SD Worx as the workforce management solution within their portfolio. 
  2. integration with Strobbo to further expand the planning possibilities within the Protime suite.
  3. integration with other partners via a generic connector API platform.

You got it right; a full programme of great projects ahead of you! All Protime wishes him, of course, a lot of success!

A few more facts about Yves:

  • He is happily married and has a daughter of 3 years old
  • Yves is a certified Padel coach
  • Others say about Yves that he always radiates calm, is well organized and can also think creatively.
  • Yves occasionally was master of ceremonies at colleagues' weddings
Isabelle Fassin
Written by: Isabelle Fassin
Field Marketeer Flanders Protime