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myProtime: the userfriendly employee self service tool

myProtime is the answer to these new requirements in terms of employee experience. Its interface is intuitive, user-friendly and very easy to learn. Each employee can quickly and easily obtain information about his own performance, planning and absences. In addition, absences of the team or direct colleagues can also be visible.

What is employee self-service (ESS)?

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Automate manual HR processes

Employee self-service automates manual HR processes and increases employee productivity.

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Digital absences requests

Everyone can digitally apply for absences, which are dealt with by the direct line manager.

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Insights into own planning

At the same time, employees obtain better insight into their own work performed, planning and absences.

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Insights into team planning

In addition, each employee has sight of the absences of the team, including inactivity days of direct colleagues.

Marjon Alders
“Protime in 3 words for us: efficient, user-friendly and pleasant support”
Marjon Alders
HR Manager @ Radisson Blue

Benefits of HR-self service

  • Reduced administration
  • Error rate falls
  • Real-time insights in performance
  • Real-time insights in absences
  • Interactively managed by employee
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In a short live demo we will show you how our employee self service tool works, and how it can be tailored to your organisations needs.

Badges and time clocks

Badges and time clocks

The clocking terminals we offer also facilitate self-service for environments where laptops or mobile phones are not available or restricted.

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