In the first part of my article, I talked about the DISC method and the link I saw with the implementation of a time management system. After telling you about the blue and red profiles, I will now introduce you to the green and yellow profiles.

The Influential DISC and Stable profiles

The two profiles I’ll describe are the so-called "feelings" profiles.

  • The Influential, for its part, is within the extroversion and feelings: its colour is yellow. More elaborate, the influential is a person who communicates easily and maintains good personal relationships. Sociable and friendly, they are an enthusiastic person, who thinks that life should be fun. They are also demonstrative and invigorating.
  • The Stable lies within introversion and feelings: its colour is green. It corresponds to the image of a good family person, who ensures harmony and stability within a group. Serious, caring and reliable, they can fight hard for a cause close to their heart. They may also seem shy in their approach to others and are characterised by calmness, modesty and patience. They are generally a cooperative person.

The DISC method and an HR project: a matter of feelings?

As I explained in the first part of this article, just because human resources are convinced of the value of time management does not mean that all employees will be convinced of the value of time management. If we follow the logic of colours, how do we convince profiles whose feelings or emotions often outweigh reason?

Arguments based on each personality

  • Influential or yellow are more communication-oriented. However, a time management solution such as Protime allows for transparent communication by gathering information on its employee portal as varied as the hours worked or the objectives and their evolution. Subsequently, these elements are totally complementary when they serve as a basis for discussion between the manager and the employee. Coaching yellow talents by congratulating them on their success or helping them better organise their time will be very effective and tailored to their personality and needs. Indeed, one of the pitfalls of yellow is that, due to their dynamism and their interpersonal skills, they will often be involved in many projects for which they might lack the organisation to manage them well.
  • For the stable or green, a time management tool can, for example, avoid the possible excesses associated with their profile, namely excessive helpfulness. In need of harmony and stability, the green profile will always make themselves available to help a colleague complete a task and could thus be quickly overloaded with work without complaining. Managing employees' time can help reduce the risk of burnout by "sounding the alarm" in case of excessive overtime.

The bottom line

Implementing time management software is not an insignificant project; any HR department will be able to testify to this. However, when using arguments according to the DISC method, they show us the benefits of such a system for all employees of the company, regardless of their profile and the motives often associated with it.

This is why I dare to conclude that time management allows you to see your project in colours!

Sophie Henrion

Written by: Protime
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