Your company has different departments. Within those departments, your employees may perform different types of activities. You want to record effortlessly how long all those tasks and subtasks take. This allows you to know the cost of a finished product or service you deliver. Allow us to explain why a multilevel activity solution is an added value.

Your time and attendance registration is on point. You know which of your employees are present, who works for which department, what their timetables  are, when leave was scheduled, and so on. But do you know how much time all tasks take up? Can you say with certainty how many people you need when you want to perform a certain activity in a predefined time frame? Can you record that somewhere?

Measurement is knowledge

First of all, you need to identify how much time your (sub)tasks take up. Here’s a list with several possible reasons why: 

  • You have a complete overview of all activities in your company.
  • You can easily determine what the personnel cost is for performing a task.
  • Through a simple sum of your personnel cost and production and raw materials cost, you can more easily determine the price per task or end product
  • You gain insight into how many similar tasks can be performed daily by an employee.
  • You quickly notice when there is a problem and tasks take longer.
  • You can easily anticipate when a schedule changes and shift employees to other tasks. 
  • ...

This means that thanks to activity logging, you can plan and distribute your employees' tasks within the company more efficiently. You know perfectly who you need for which task and when. Moreover, you can very easily determine the personnel cost of a finished product or service.

"But my employees themselves can specify how much time they need for an activity". Was this what you were thinking? Then we would like to refer you to the ‘planning error’. This refers to the common fact that people often misjudge their time needed for a task and there is nothing they can do about it. By actively recording, you can measure and therefore know with certainty.

But how do I start?

Our advice: choose an integrated tool, such as myProtime. That way, you can map time and attendance as well as your tasks in 1 solution. We explain why this is so valuable.

Benefits for HR and managers

Switching from one tool to another is no longer necessary. As a result, you can also avoid 'communication problems' between two different tools. All relevant information, both for team leaders, employees, HR and managers are centralized. 

Moreover, this centralization also ensures flexibility. You know at a glance who is present or absent and who can therefore be assigned a task. But this is also an advantage in reverse. Suppose an employee asks for a day off last-minute. You can easily see whether his activities can be carried out by someone else. 

Hungry for more?

We gathered all information about our myProtime multilevel activity solution on 1 page.
Here you can find:

  • The benefits of our solution for your business 
  • A short video with more information
  • A downloadable PDF with a fictitious reference case that fully explains the solution (coming soon!)
Completely convinced?
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Written by: Stephanie Tordoir
Product marketeer